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Hey ya’ll. Sorry I haven’t been on at all. I’m actually thinking about deleting this blog.. I don’t know yet. Just inbox me if you’d like me to stay otherwise, it was great meeting all of you! xxxx

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oflukesandmen asked: are you going to continue hits?

I don’t know it’s not really that popular.x 

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"Harry, Harry over here please". "Harry answer this. Do you love your fans harry?" "Harry" "Harry please", that’s all I kept hearing. Harry had his arms around me, shielding me from the vicious comments the paparazzi had to say. The only thing I could see were flashes. I was new to fame, every since my first single came out everything was crazy. But harry was a part of one direction, the biggest boyband on the planet. Security pushed us through the large crowds, and we finally made it behind the gates. "Are you alright love?" harry said cupping my face in his hands. "Yeah" I said still shaking. "I-I guess I have to get used to the loud noises, and the flashes-s". Harry smiled, "it will take awhile, but eventually it will be easy" he said kissing my cheek. "I hope so".


-3 months before-

I was an outcast, I guess you could say a girl trying to find her place. I barely had any friends, and no one would bother talking to me. My room was my best friend, and that’s where I spent most of time. For some odd reason I enjoyed staring up at the ceiling, thinking where life was going to take me and if I even had a plan on my future. The school talent show was in a couple of days, and some anonymous voters had voted me into the show think they were cute. I always had a love for music, it was my escape from everything and anyone. Society mostly. Society is fucked up isn’t it? I sighed, and grabbed my guitar. I strummed a few notes, then placed it back down on my bed sliding my fingers through my hair.


what do you think? should I continue? inbox me for comments. xoxoxo.


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Sometimes it’s hard standing here waiting for you

To come, when I know you won’t.

You left me without a care in the world

Not even looking back

What’s so special about everyone else?

You treat other girls like they are worth a million bucks…

When it comes down to me…

To you I’m not even worth a penny.



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little mix and emblem3 at their gma concert series this morning!
It’s about to storm really bad over here.. but message me if you’d like an imagine!

You have to have :

The 1d boys name you’d like and your name

What do you want to happen?

And the relationship you have with him.

Please include all of these**

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Who thinks I should still keep writing or quit? I want to know. Because if you guys don’t want me too, then I will delete my blog. Just let me know. Depending on the amount of people that tell me they want me to continue the story then I will stay. If people tell me they don’t want me too then I will quit. Thank You & Happy Spring Break !

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Anonymous asked: please moncia finish the story

Monica* & I am. I miss writing it. x

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Anonymous asked: Hi Monica it's Ameny when are you going to post "who said superstar were just a dream " ???? love you !!!

I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately. I’ve been busy with school and some other stuff. But if you guys still want, I want to finish the story because I never finished it, so if that’s all right with you guys. x Thanks (:

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I hope nobody forgot about me! Well anyways, I want to finish “Who said super stars where just a dream” if any of you guys would like? Just message me and let me know. x Thanks loves (: x
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How has everyone been? (:
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