message me for an imagine :)

please include the boys name, and the situation you would want to happen :)

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Coachella by morethanthis1dforever featuring rose gold jewelryAsh high heel boots, $315 / Jules Smith rose gold jewelry / Gold bracelet / Feather earrings / Wildfox black sunglasses / Charlotte Tilbury coral lipstick, $39
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4th of july by morethanthis1dforever featuring an american flag tank topAlternative american flag tank top / Short shorts / Rainbow sandals / Blue Nile stud earrings / Antique jewelry / Gucci retro sunglasses / Deepa Gurnani hair accessory / ASOS flower crown headband / Versace fragrance, $105
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Music Awards by morethanthis1dforever featuring a toiletry bagClub L short dress, $39 / Office black pumps, $80 / STONE rose gold jewelry / Georg Jensen cuff bracelet / Henri Bendel pearl jewelry / Matte eyeshadow / Vince Camuto fragrance / Nail care / Chanel toiletry bag


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It’s about to storm really bad over here.. but message me if you’d like an imagine!


You have to have :

The 1d boys name you’d like and your name

What do you want to happen?

And the relationship you have with him.

Please include all of these**

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let me know what you guys think! :) 

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Who said super stars were just a dream? Chapter 240 + 241

   Who said super stars where just a dream? Chapter 240

Things just didn’t make sense. My head was twirling, my stomach turned, everything became a blur. “Are you alright?” Danielle said turning around and facing me. “I’m fine. I just need a second to think” I said back at her as I held my head. “Take a rest. Just calm down” she said. “You’re just in shock. You’re in shock for seeing louis the first time in awhile… you’re just anxious to be around us like the old times. I know it has been awhile.” “It’s not that. I’m perfectly fine around you, and liam.. and perrie.. oh! and zayn but it’s just louis. louis..” I said again. “His name just gives me the chills!” “You need a drink!” danielle said walking over to the bar. “No I don’t. I quit drinking while I was pregnant, but I wasn’t really a heavy drinker before darcy anyways so I’m fine.” “Are you sure? It will calm your mind!” Danielle said holding a drink out in front of my face. “No. I”m fine. I”m just going to go back up to the booth”. “Alright, I’ll be up soon!


I walked back up the stairs with my arms folded across my chest. I didn’t want to go back to the booth, because all of the sudden I just felt unhappy. I didn’t like my settings or surroundings I just couldn’t. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, and walked over to a corner where I thought no one could fine me, but I was wrong. “Monica?” Harry said. I jumped up, because I thought I was alone but I wasn’t. “What?” I said. “What are you doing sitting here? You should be over there with the rest of us.” “I just don’t feel good harry. I just want to be alone for a little bit then I’ll come out. Just not right now.” “It’s because of louis isn’t. You can’t let him ruin your time out. Our only time out.” I shook my head and said “Harry can you please leave me alone for a little bit. Please?” “Fine. I tried” he whispered as he walked down the stairs. I was acting childish but honestly I didn’t care at this point.


Time passed by, and I finally gained the courage to come back and join the group. When I walked over there harry was no where to be found. “Where is he?” I asked niall. “I don’t know” he said drunk. “I think he is on the dance floor. He ran i-into a co-ouple of fans and I thinkk he’s a-uh-uh dancing!” he said. “Okay thanks niall.” I looked down at the crowd and found harry and zayn talking to a group of girls. Perrie was gone, and I was hiding in a corner. Perfect time to cheat on the person you love. I walked down the stairs not making myself noticeable for harry or zayn. I walked up behind him, and heard what he was telling to the girls. He was completely wasted, and his words made no sense but I understood this. “You’re so skinnyyyy!” he said pinching the girls stomach. “My grr-girlfriend is really fat right zayn?” he said looking over at zayn. “mhjodd” zayn said as he turned over and looked at me. Harry slowly turned over, and I mumbled “you asshole” and ran out. 

… be continued…

Who said superstars were just a dream? Chapter 241

Frantically pushing my way through the crowd of drunken morons that were sloppily dancing on the dance floor, I finally found a way out. Seeing Harry that drunk actually quite frightened me.. a personality that I never wanted to see from him or never even thought to see from him. “Fat.. Fat..Fat”, That one single word haunted my mind throughout the night as I made my way back to our rather quite huge mansion. Walking up the narrow staircase I made me way into the room that I once shared with Harry. After tonight I was done, completely and utterly done with him. 


Crystal blue tears fell from my rather coke brown colored eyes as I reached into the closet and began to shove my maternity clothes inside of my suitcase. The baby would grow up, and have nothing to do with Harry. I wasn’t sure if that is what I had truly wanted.. but when you’re angry at someone you often do or say things that you don’t mean. Clearing the sadness from my throat I zipped the zipper then set the rather heavy bag on the floor. I would eventually come back to grab the rest of my things, if that was even possible. While I grabbed the last of my things the sound of someone running up the stairs haunted my ears and I remained frozen.

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             Back to writing :)

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Hey ya’ll. Sorry I haven’t been on at all. I’m actually thinking about deleting this blog.. I don’t know yet. Just inbox me if you’d like me to stay otherwise, it was great meeting all of you! xxxx

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oflukesandmen said: are you going to continue hits?

I don’t know it’s not really that popular.x 

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"Harry, Harry over here please". "Harry answer this. Do you love your fans harry?" "Harry" "Harry please", that’s all I kept hearing. Harry had his arms around me, shielding me from the vicious comments the paparazzi had to say. The only thing I could see were flashes. I was new to fame, every since my first single came out everything was crazy. But harry was a part of one direction, the biggest boyband on the planet. Security pushed us through the large crowds, and we finally made it behind the gates. "Are you alright love?" harry said cupping my face in his hands. "Yeah" I said still shaking. "I-I guess I have to get used to the loud noises, and the flashes-s". Harry smiled, "it will take awhile, but eventually it will be easy" he said kissing my cheek. "I hope so".


-3 months before-

I was an outcast, I guess you could say a girl trying to find her place. I barely had any friends, and no one would bother talking to me. My room was my best friend, and that’s where I spent most of time. For some odd reason I enjoyed staring up at the ceiling, thinking where life was going to take me and if I even had a plan on my future. The school talent show was in a couple of days, and some anonymous voters had voted me into the show think they were cute. I always had a love for music, it was my escape from everything and anyone. Society mostly. Society is fucked up isn’t it? I sighed, and grabbed my guitar. I strummed a few notes, then placed it back down on my bed sliding my fingers through my hair.


what do you think? should I continue? inbox me for comments. xoxoxo.


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Sometimes it’s hard standing here waiting for you

To come, when I know you won’t.

You left me without a care in the world

Not even looking back

What’s so special about everyone else?

You treat other girls like they are worth a million bucks…

When it comes down to me…

To you I’m not even worth a penny.



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