A special delivery - Imagine Harry Styles

Harry I don’t feel good you said trying not to vomit. What’s wrong baby. My stomach feels queasy, and I have been throwing up every morning. I don’t know whats wrong. I will drive you to the doctors in the morning. But for right now, just try to relax and calm down. Okay you said to Harry. I hate to see you in this much pain he said. If I could I would make nothing hurt you. Harry I am sick, I am not dying. I know but still. You kissed your husband. You had been married to harry for 4 years and in that 4 years you have had one child and her name is Darcy Styles. You loved harry and Darcy with all of your heart. You just couldn’t understand why you were so sick all of the time. 


It was morning, and you dropped Darcy over at Grandma Anne’s house. Harry’s mom loved watching Darcy and so did my step father in law. We ran in a quickly dropped Darcy off, and then we arrived at the doctors. You weren’t feeling good at all. Your stomach and head hurt, you were lucky you didn’t vomit. Monica, are you okay? harry said to you. No I just want to know whats wrong with me. Harry helped you out of the car, and walked you into the doctors office. After minutes of sitting in the waiting room the Doctor called you in. He did a series of tests on you and finally he came and told you and Harry why you were so sick. Well, kids your going to have another baby! What? you both said. Monica is pregnant Harry. Thoughts were rushing through your head, but then you remembered how this happened. You and harry had taken a small trip to the Bahamas and lets just say you guys had a lot of fun. As you were walking to your car, harry was crying. Hey you said to him he didn’t say anything. Harry please look at me baby, please look at me. Harry finally looked at you and you said why are you crying. Harry replied because I am the one who put you through all of this pain. No you said wiping his tears. You put another styles in my life, you said while smiling.  I couldn’t have been more grateful. I love you very much, and don’t forget that. Harry leaned down and kissed you and said I love you to. 


This thought made you smile, as you were laying in you and harry’s bed nine months pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Suddenly your water broke. Oh my god harry its time. Harry kissed you, and grabbed the bag. He was so distracted that he left you on the top of the stairs. Okay so I will just meet you outside in the car? you said. Sorry babe, I just can’t wait to see my baby. Harry helped you in the car, and you were off. It wasn’t a long ride, and when you finally made it to the hospital, you were in terrible pain. HELP HELP harry said MY WIFE IS IN LABOR CAN I GET ANY HELP IN THIS HOSPITAL? Suddenly, nurses and doctors came running out and you got put in this wheelchair. 

Before you knew it, you were giving birth. One….Two….Three PUSH! The doctor said. You were screaming. Harry was by your side, and you kept hitting him and saying I HATE YOU I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME. That’s great Monica, one more push. One….Two….Three PUSH! Then you hear this little baby scream, and you knew that was your son. Harry leaned down and kissed you. I am so sorry, you said to him, I don’t hate you I love you with all my heart. Harry said thats okay I love you too. You gave birth to a 7lb 6oz baby. Your family visited and so did Harry’s. Harry’s mom was watching Darcy and brought her to the hospital. Mummy! Daddy! she said. Harry ran up and hugged her and his mom. Then harry’s mom said shhh darcy we need to be quiet for the baby okay. Okay grandma. After they left, harry looked at you and said he still needs a name. I like the name Harry. He should be name Harold Edward Styles the second. Really Monica? Yes Harry. Harry gave you a kiss and you held your baby boy in your arms and harry fell asleep on the couch right next to your bed. I love you Monica, harry, and Darcy he said before sleeping. I love all of you too you said before falling asleep. <3


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