Harry Styles - Imagine

You and Harry were both 18, and have been together since Harry auditioned for the X-Factor. You have supported harry from the start and have been proud at his success, because harry had been gone for so long, and you both love each other, you guys had sex one night. You have been getting pains in your stomach and your head, also you have been throwing up every morning. You haven’t told harry because you didn’t want him to leave you because of this. You sat in your bathroom clutching your pregnancy test in your hands waiting for the result. You closed your eyes, and wiped away your warm tears and saw that it read ‘GREAT’. Oh Shit you said while dropping the test on the ground. Harry was coming over today, and you decided that you needed to end the relationship as it hurts you so bad to let him go.


You heard a knock on the door, and you ran down to open it to see Harry. Harry had tears in his eyes and ran quickly in your arms. Harry what’s wrong? I got in a fight with louis, and plus last night I had a bad dream that you left me over nothing. Shh Shh calm down baby, you said rubbing harry’s head. Here come in, and have some water you said. Harry sat down at your couch, and while you were getting him water, tears started streaming down your face. You had to drop the news to harry. Before you could make it out to the living room harry was already standing at the kitchen doorway. Monica? Are you okay. No Harry, I am not okay. He ran over to you and hugged you and kissed your neck. Everything’s going to be alright Monica. Harry, I was going to leave you today you said stuttering. He came up and looked into your eyes making your whole soul feel like it was dropping. Why? he said crying. You hated seeing harry crying, so you started crying and saying I am pregnant harry, I didn’t want to go through the pain of you leaving me if you found out so I was going to leave you so you wouldn’t hurt me. You pulled away from Harry, hiding your face so you wouldn’t have to hear him say the words I am leaving you. Monica, I don’t know what to say he said slowly trying to grab you. Harry just leave me, you dont have to say anything. You ran up stairs to your bedroom and shut the door crying on the ground. Harry ran up the stairs, and wrapped his arms around you crying on the ground. Monica, I will never leave you. We will get through this together, I want you to talk to me about everything. I love you Monica. You looked up at harry, as he wiped the tears off of your face. You guys kissed.


A couple of weeks went by and you told your mom the day you were about to leave Harry. Both of your parents weren’t taking it so well, but they stood be side you no matter. You had a small baby bump, and people around the world started wondering. One day on twitter you saw a trending topic and it was : Is monica really pregnant or trying to ruin harry styles career? You cried at the thought of you ruining harry’s career and harry texted you:

How are my two babies doing? 

You said:

Harry am I ruining your career? Because that is what the fans our thinking?

He said:

No babe. No you’re not. Haters are going to hate, they will do everything to break us apart, but no matter what they say will change the way I feel about you. Believe me babe, I love you and you are not ruining my career with this baby.

You Said:

I love you harry<3 and thanks

He said : 

Love you more and anything for you sweetie. 


You were sleeping and it was about one in the morning, and your phone went of. You looked and saw it was harry. You answered and:

You: Hello?

Harry: You’re the worst thing in my life, I should have fucking leaved you.

You: Harry is this you?

Harry: yeah bitch, we are over, I am leaving you alone with the baby. (your heard laughs in the background)

*You Hung Up*

Why would Harry be leaving you? All of the sudden out of no where. You cried for a bit, but after the crying you fell asleep. 


The next morning you woke up and went out to go get break fest. You would have invited harry, but he left you last night. You drove up to Panera, ordered your meal and sat down with your laptop. You had to type your resume for work, as you were typing you felt a hand on your back. Hello gorgeous harry said. Whatever you said opening back up your laptop, and making no eye contact with him. Monica, is everything alright? No Harry, everything is not alright. Do you remember when you called me last night and broke up with me? No Monica, I don’t, the only thing I remember was zayn and I went out and I had some drinks, and then I don’t remember what happened! Right you said. Call zayn if you don’t believe me. You hopped in your car and drove off. Later you received a text from zayn and it said:

Monica, Harry was telling the truth. He was drunk last night and was calling people.  I am so sorry, I tried to stop him. 

you said:

Okay zayn, but I am not apologizing to him, let him come to me.

5 minutes later harry texted you:

Are we good now babe?

You said:



It was six months in your pregnancy and you invited harry to come along to hear your babys heart beat, and to see if it was a boy or girl. You arrived and you and harry went into the room. Okay kids, the doctor said are you ready to hear what you are having? Yes you both said. It’s a healthy baby girl. Harry leaned over and kissed you. The heart beat sounded like horses running. You got a picture of the baby, and you guys walked out into the parking lot. Monica, I am so lucky to have two great girls in my life. I am happy to have a family now, you said smiling to harry. Monica, you are beautiful I love you, and I have been wanting to do this for awhile. Will you marry me Monica? Harry you said Yes. He slid the silver ring on your finger, and he drove you home, tucked you in bed for a nap, and laid down next to you. <3


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