Imagine Niall Horan - For Carrie

It was a stressful day for you and niall. You both just moved into your new flat, and you were exhausted. “Hey babe, is that okay if I got out tonight?” “Sure” you said. Inside you just wanted niall to stay home, to cuddle with you and you said sure to see if he would actually go. You were surprised to hear the front door shut, niall actually did leave. This pissed you off, but you just sat at home and watched t.v. It just didn’t feel right without niall there, so you went upstairs and drifted asleep for a little bit, until you woke up and the clock read 4:00am and niall was still not home. You called and texted him, but his phone was off and you were about to cry when you heard the front door open and him stumble up the stairs. He opened the door, and he looked drunk, like really drunk. “Hello baby” he said walking up to you giving you a kiss. You could taste the beer, still fresh in his mouth and you released from the kiss. “What’s wrong with you?” “Niall, you left without me, and then you come home drunk.!” “Chill the fuck out, I had one drink and you said I could go.” “I never thought that you would actually go”. “Well I did”. “Niall, that’s it. I am done with you and your shit. I am leaving, and we are over”. You ran down the stairs and niall grabbed your hand. ‘Don’t touch me” you said and then slapped him.


You hopped in the car, and niall just stood in the driveway staring at you. You pulled up to harry styles house, and knocked on the door. He was your best friend, and was the one that hooked you and niall up. He opened the door, and you immediantly ran to his arms. He hugged you, and took you inside. You cried for hours until you finally told him what happened. “Me and niall, moved into our new flat today, right? So anyways I was tired and wanted to stay home and he asked me if he could go out. I said okay, but I never thought he would actually leave. He came home drunk, and he was being rude. I broke up with him, and left”. You said while trying not to cry again. Harry hugged you and then said “Carrie, niall is always like that when he is drunk. All I am going to tell you is do what you think is right, and I will be here to back up your decision. You hugged harry, and he allowed you to stay in the guest room at his flat.


You didn’t get alot of sleep because you spent most of the night of crying your eyes out. Harry was really nice for what he did, but you didn’t know what decision to make. You got up, and saw pictures of you and niall everywhere, and you also saw arrows. You walked down the hall and the arrows and pictures lead outside. One direction was standing outside and niall was standing in the middle with a teddy bear, and flowers. Niall smiled at you, and you put your head down to face the floor.  He walked up to you and lifted up your face with his hand. You had a tear fall down, and he wiped it with his thumb. “Carrie, I am so sorry”. “How could you do that niall? Leave without me?” “I was stupid and drunk. You woke me up when you slapped me, and after you left I was broken and I broke down right there. I have this teddy bear, because this is the teddy bear I used when you weren’t by my side. I love you carrie, and I am so sorry”. You hugged niall and then kissed him. He gave you the teddy bear and the flowers and the rest of one direction clapped. It was a perfect day. <3

Hope You Liked It (:


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